5 Quick and Easy Tips to Get The Most Out of Your Reiki Treatment

How many times have you had a massage or a treatment and were left feeling like it wasn’t exactly what you expected or needed? This could be due to the practitioner, however you may also have a role to play in this. In order to reap the benefits from a Reiki Treatment you need to be an active participant in your session. You have a large role to play and the energy that is passing through the Reiki practitioner to you is only able to be received if you are open to it. Here are five quick and easy tips to help you prepare, take part in, and recover from your Reiki treatment to get the most out of it.

1. Dress in your most comfortable clothes. For example if the waistband of your pants are digging in a little bit swap them for your loosest and comfiest tracksuit pants (no points for style here). Also, take your jewellery off and anything else that could distract you. Remember to wear socks as your shoes will be off during the treatment and your feet may be cold. Above all, comfort is key.

2. Picture this, you are driving to your Reiki treatment and your GPS has just told you that you are now going to be five minutes late due to an unforeseen Melbourne traffic jam and then you just got another red light. Did your chest tighten just at the thought? There are few things as anxiety provoking as running late for an appointment so do yourself a big favour and give yourself plenty of time to arrive. Arriving early means you have some time in the car beforehand to focus on what you would like to achieve from your session and to clear you mind from distractions.

3. Go with the flow and don’t be scared to feel your emotions. If you find yourself using an unhealthy coping mechanism for dealing with emotions that feel too much, you are certainly not alone. You may be someone who eats your feelings, drinks alcohol to numb your feelings, or even binge watches Netflix to just zone out so you don’t have to address what is going on in your head. This is a safe place where you should try and let any thoughts or feelings that arise just wash over you. It is not uncommon to cry during a Reiki treatment or to feel your heart expanding as you give in and allow your thoughts to simply be, without pushing them away.

4. Be honest with your Reiki practitioner, if the room is too cold or too hot, or the background music is irritating you, have the courage to address it straight away as it can then be fixed immediately. Giving feedback is fantastic after a session, but can be even more helpful during a session especially when it is an easy fix like adjusting the heating or cooling. Let’s not allow something small and fixable ruin what could be a transformational session.

5. Following your treatment, treat yourself like you would a favourite plant. Remember that plants thrive on a little bit of sunshine, water, and a bit of nourishment and you do too.

Simply stated, the effective of your Reiki treatment can be greatly influenced by you, so follow these simple steps to get the most out of your Reiki Treatment.

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