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Hello Helen,

 Thanks for the follow up and for Tuesday’s session. I’ll try and put together a review of my experience, it was all highly positive and will endorse and recommend.

 Kind of weird, immediately afterwards I was a bit disorientated, particularly with time. It only seemed like 30 minutes… Another strange thing is that my journey was all quite vivid and clear to me straight afterwards and that evening and on Wednesday, but today it seems like it happened months or years ago and is quite hazy. However, I do understand what has happened in regard to harnessing my anxiety.

 The headache has gone, had a bit of a sore neck and my jaw is so, so sore, but my chest feels lighter and my breathing – wow! When I breath now, it feels like I’ve got one of those menthol nasal inhalers, it is so clear and pure, I can feel the cool air come in. Another strange thing is that I feel like I’m taller, hard to explain, but I when I walk around I feel like I’m a little higher than before – maybe it’s that feeling that I’m not such a bad person after all and getting to love myself (in a good way, altruistic)

Another quick one, I don’t want to celebrate prematurely, but my tinnitus has gone down today to a point where I cannot hear it. Normally it is anywhere from 6-9 out of 10, on the annoying scale. It’s amazing!

Thank you


Happiness is booking a treatment with one of your own Shinpiden students who are now running their own Reiki Treatment business 😊🙏🏼💜 Big hugs to Helen of @innerhealingpath for a divine deep healing last night. Your heart is so open and giving. If you are based out in the Tullamarine area of Melbourne I recommend wholeheartedly seeing Helen. 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Melbourne Reiki Centre

I was a non believer and hesitant until I met Helen. I wanted to deal with eating habits I've had since early childhood. Helen explained the steps that she would take with hypnosis and with her warmth and comfort I felt this could be possible.
Helen took me into trance, this I feared but believe me she is extremely compassionate and professional, we found my core issues of when these habits began in my early childhood and when she lifted me of these issues I woke to a weight lifted and sense of great relief.
My lifestyle has changed positively since my appointment and my eating habits are no longer a problem, I cannot thank Helen enough for helping me!!


Helen did hypnosis with me and told me that she would take me to a place in my past where I probably don't even have memories of. And I thought to myself... how should that happen. And she actually went so deep into my memory that it happened. I was stunned and felt healed after her session and would recommend anyone who is hesitant just to give it a go and see where the journey with Helen takes you.


I had two sessions with Helen so far and both of them were very special experiences. It was the first time that I had done hypnotherapy and I was really surprised how much one does not know about oneself. It was an amazing experience and Helen is a wonderful and caring person who listens to her customers needs. I can only recommend her practice. Thank you so much!


I came to Helen with a very full plate, plenty to worry about at work whilst looking after my family and young son. Before having my first real reiki session with Helen I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was so pleased I did see her. Helen is a skilled therapist, supportive, calm and knowledgeable. She has mastered the art of reiki healing and I felt so calm, revived and 'myself' again after the session. I am looking forward to a hypnotherapy session now!


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