We can control our lives by controlling our perceptions.


Bruce H. Lipton

What is HeartEnergetix Hypnotherapy?

Maybe you feel anxiety, depression, phobias or physical ailments, some days you have negative feelings or you just simply feel like you are not living to your highest potential. 

All our memories are stored within us and make up the beliefs about who we are today. Through the state of trance (hypnosis) the moment your blockage or belief began can be uncovered and then healed with different techniques. This is a safe space for you to simply be yourself and allow yourself to reveal who you really are. 

Let me help you uncover whatever is holding you back in life!

If you are looking for a hypnotherapist who will empower you on your own healing journey, then you are in the right place.

I am a hypnotherapist specializing in HeartEnergetix, helping my clients become their true self and empowering each and every one on their own healing journey. Client and practitioner work together side by side to unravel past conditioning to uncover what has been holding you back from living your life to the fullest.

During a HeartEnergetix session you will be guided safely into your subconscious using relaxation techniques. Once gained full access to your subconscious we can then travel to a point in time where the issue and belief began. I will guide you safely while engaging different healing techniques where you release and transform your conditioning. You will be fully guided and supported on your own journey of healing.

Although under trance, you will be fully aware of what is happening. Letting go of your conscious mind and allowing whatever surfaces from within, will achieve the greatest healing during your session. As a therapist I will hold you safely throughout what may emerge, whilst you might experience some discomfort emotionally, the rewards of releasing whatever needs to be released can be life changing.

Examples of techniques:

Psychoanatomy and Cellular Consciousness

As you may be aware we are holding lots of trauma and energy in our bodies. Through the vehicle of trance you are able to feel into your body and listen to what it tells you. Being able to talk to your body parts or organs can be truly life changing. This is a great technique if you are suffering from any physical ailments, illness, headaches, chronic illness. 

Family Lineage Healing

We develop behavioural patterns which are generally adopted from our parents, guardians or surroundings. Behaviours may include: anxiety, anger, stress, insomnia, physical ailments and many more.

These conditions are taken on subconsciously and most likely have been with you all your life. This is a great modality to heal your lineage: past, present and future. 

1 x 2.5 hours HeartEnergetix Session = $280

This includes a 15 minute free consultation either in person or via phone call and a 45 Minute Hypno-Meditation for you to listen to at any time.

There are different packages available. Get in contact to arrange a payment plan.

Online sessions are available - please get in contact

Benefits of HeartEnergetix:

Releasing and managing stress, anxiety, panic or depression

Assisting to work through grief

Overcoming fears and phobias

Chronic pain and health related issues

Weight loss and eating disorders

Sleep difficulties and insomnia

Self-esteem and confidence

Clearing traumas and life debilitating experiences

Anger, hurt, resentment, grief, fear and other negative emotions

Relationships (past and present)

Financial stress

Performance, study, public speaking

Achieving goals

Life purpose

Parenting and conflict

Pre-natal, during and post pregnancy

Stop smoking

Together we will discover what is holding you back and release any issues at the core within a safe and supported environment

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